A Chance to Be a Child

We are proud to officially release our new video, "Casa Chapi - A Chance to Be a Child." This short [more]


Quechua Benefit is an organization dedicated to helping the Quechua people in the highlands of Peru. Quechua Benefit and its volunteers deliver medical, dental and optical care; distribute warm clothing; provide shelter, food, and sociological services with an emphasis on children.

As a non denominational faith-based non-profit, Quechua Benefit strives to unite those who feel a call and have a heart to serve the poorest of the poor in Peru. The Quechua often believe that their spirituality and their physical well being are one. We tell our mission participants: “Do not be afraid to pray with those you come in contact with including patients.” Read more...
Faith Based initiatives
Treasure on the Mountain

There is a cross high on a mountain along the Colca Valley in Peru. You can reach it by bus which will take you to the top of the mountain at 17,000[more]

Children’s Art Festival at Casa Chapi

Quechua Benefit and Grace Institute join forces to create a Children’s Art Festival at Casa Chapi October 29th thru November 7th 2014 In 2012 Grace [more]

Saying ‘yes’ to God makes difference to Hoosiers service in Peru

In September, Quechua Benefit, Indiana UM-related Children of Abraham and Missionary Association Working for a World Without Hunger, joined forces to[more]

Quechua Benefit Newsletter

July 2015 Newsletter:  This newsletter is filled with stories that are sure to bring hope and joy as Quechua Benefit continues to develop through the generosi[more]

Featured articles
Valentines Card from the Kids at Casa Chapi

The kids of Casa Chapi have created these special Valentine Day cards just for you. They are their gift to you to say thank you for all of your support during 2014. [more]

Converstaion with Juan Pablo

My Conversation with Juan Pablo By Chad Colton Juan Pablo’s mother sat on the dirt floor of the courtyard of a half-built house in Arequipa Peru, carefully weaving a vibrant red and blue blanket.  The colors of the blanket stood in contrast to the[more]

Why I Volunteer

Our two “boys” (Alpacas) are named Fito and Toyo. These are nicknames for Rodolfo and Victorio. We named them after two of my Central American friends, Rodolfo Claramount of El Salvador and Victorio Mendez of Guatemala. We are constantly aware o[more]

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo, a member of the Casa Chapi family remains in the hospital in Arequipa. He is undergoing chemotherapy and other treatment for leukemia. [more]

Articles of interest

Education with a Destination Peru 2014 Tour Testimonials “I’m one of the lucky ones who was part of the inaugural Education with a Destination –[more]

Condor Cross Dressing

Condor Cross Dressing by Cheryl Gehly Education With A Destination Peru 2014. I could blame it on the fashion show, but that would be misleading. Th[more]

Quechua Benefit Documentary

Quechua Benefit in partnership with Hitchhiker Pictures spent the last year filming on location in Peru and 100’s of hours editing this short docum[more]

Casa Chapi Video Tour

Many said that it could not be done.  This video was taken during our November 2013 Medical Mission and proves that it has been done.  The children[more]

Multi Team Mission to Peru: November 2013

The team arrived in Peru 3 weeks before the Thanksgiving Holiday and left in time to rejoin their families for the traditional rituals of giving than[more]

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